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A Better 54

From Mexico, MO to Louisiana, MO our residents and the traveling public need A BETTER 54.  A shared four-lane highway is being proposed by a group of concerned citizens to help this happen.  This site is designed to answer your questions.

Northeast Missouri needs to complete its extension of the US 54 corridor by upgrading it to a shared four-lane highway to support economic development, provide safer travel and provide more efficiency.

To learn more, please make sure you check out the Shared-4 Brochure and Shared-4 Video links.

Current Transportation Issues

   Missouri’s 325 System Fact Sheet     

 We face a challenge because funding for transportation is insufficient.

 The Challenge

 How We Got Here

 Actions MoDOT Has Taken

 Missouri’s $325 Million System:  Primary and Supplementary Roads

 Big Impacts

 Bigger Impacts

 Take Action

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September 10th 2013 the Hwy 54 Coalition hosted a dinner/reception for the visiting Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission at Tievoli Hills Resort.  The Highways and Transportation Commission held their September Meeting on September 11th also at
Tievoli Hills, which included a question and answer forum that was open to the public.

Hwy 54 Coalition Members with MO Highways & Transportation Commission

To view The Missouri 325 System Map, click on the link below.